SDCC 2013: The Hulking Is the Bomb: Mark Waid And Mahmud Asrar On 'Indestructible Hulk' #16



Matt D. Wilson

We don't know a ton about what's going to be happening in Marvel's "Infinity" event just yet, but one thing we can be sure of is that Bruce Banner is going to come out of it a changed man. That's according to the solicitation for writer Mark Waid and artist Mahmud Asrar's "Indestructible Hulk" #16, coming out in November.

To get a little better idea of just what effect the event will have on Banner and the Hulk -- one thing we do know is that Banner comes out of it looking to build one gigantic bomb -- MTV Geek chatted with Waid and Asrar about what's to come.

MTV Geek: From the sound of things in the solicitation, "Infinity" is going to change the status quo for Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Obviously you can't spoil "Infinity," but what can you say at this point about how Bruce is affected?

Mark Waid: Traumatically. He's being called in for the biggest "make-good" mission of his life, and everything rides on its success. Everything.

Geek: One thing we do know is that Banner's going to be building a bomb. A bomb is what created the Hulk; why would Bruce want to go back to that?

Waid: That's exactly the question that Tony Stark, Reed Richards and the other super-geniuses of the Marvel Universe are asking. That seems like an extraordinarily bad plan. How much will they be willing to trust Bruce Banner...?

Geek: It seemed like part of the mission statement of this series was that Bruce was going to stop trying to fight or suppress the Hulk and just use him where he needs to be used. This bomb "eclipses the power of the Hulk himself." Is Bruce not satisfied with the Hulk anymore?

Waid: He's come away from "Agent of T.I.M.E." with some new understandings of his capabilities and his limitations. Also, to be fair, you don't know just how angry that bomb is going to be.


Geek: Mahmud, how do you draw a bomb that eclipses the power of the Hulk? That seems like the proverbial rock God couldn't lift.

Mahmud Asrar: To be truthful, right now I'm more worried about how Hulk will react to it. To him, Hulk is the strongest one there is, after all. In that regard, drawing a bomb stronger than Hulk will be all kinds of fun. I'm kind of rather concerned about drawing what the bomb will do though.

Geek: Mark, did you plan for things to change in the world of the Hulk this quickly, or did "Infinity" precipitate such a quick status-quo turnaround?

Waid: It accelerated one of the subplots involving Bruce's various lab assistants, but that's not a bad thing. Well, for us. It's a very bad thing for the assistant.

Geek: Do you see yourself sticking with Bruce and the big guy for the foreseeable future?

Waid: Even if I wanted to go anywhere, would you want to tell the Hulk that you were going to leave him?

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