The Daily SDCC Geek: Top 10 Lists, Toys, And More


Welcome to MTV Geek's daily round-up of all things GEEK from the weird, wild world of San Diego Comic-Con! This is spot to catch up on all of MTV Geek's highlight and more from Comic-Con!


What are the top 10 must-see comics panels?

Here are the top 10 must-see cartoon panels.

What about the top 10 weirdest panels at Comic-Con?

These are the top 10 questions NOT to ask at Comic-Con!

A handy list of your top 10 must-see toy panels!

Don't forget about the boob tube! Here's our rundown of the top 10 must-see live-action TV panels.


This "Godzilla" poster should give fans lots of hope!

Join the characters from "Teen Titans Go!" at WB Entertainment's lawn con

Gentle Giant's SDCC exclusive Amazing Spider-Ham mini-bust gets revealed and reviewed!

Fill That Suplex-Sized Hole In Your Con Schedule With Mattel's WWE Panel And Signings

From action figures to axe handles, NECA has your con-exclusive needs covered.

And finally...

Celebrate the final season of "Futurama" with an exclusive calendar!


'Til tomorrow, gang!


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