Paul Pope's 'The Death of Haggard West' Original Cover Thumbnail [EXCLUSIVE]


Paul Pope and First Second Books are teasing Pope's long-awaited graphic novel "Battling Boy" with First Second's first ever floppy, "The Death of Haggard West" and we've got an exclusive at Pope's initial sketch of the cover.

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"The Death of Haggard West" (which is terrific by the way!) is:

Attention, citizens of the monster-ridden city-planet Arcopolis! The Death of Haggard West is the final installment in the legendary Invincible Haggard West comics series, the bestselling chronicle of the adventures of our beloved hero, Haggard West. In breathtaking color and frenetic action, this 32-page comic presents the final moments in the life of one of the greatest vigilante heroes Arcopolis has ever seen . . . and introduces his successor in the fight to save our city, Battling Boy.

From First Second Books:

The Death of Haggard West presents a sneak peek in pamphlet comic form of the first volume of Battling Boy, the electrifying new graphic novel from comics legend Paul Pope. This limited-edition one-off comic includes exclusive content that will not be found in the Battling Boy graphic novel: a spectacular cover and original diagrams from Battling Boy creator Paul Pope.

Here's the complete cover:


"Battling Boy" will be out in October 2013.