SDCC 2013: Claudio Sanchez's 'Kill Audio' Comic-Con Poster [EXCLUSIVE]



Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez will have these killer "Starboner" prints by artist Sheldon Vella from the newest one-shot in his "Kill Audio" comic series at San Diego Comic-Con this week. The print is a Comic-Con exclusive and limited to 150 copies.

Said Sanchez:

“We (Echert, Sheldon and I) came up with the Starboner idea after we were three sheets to the wind at a festival in Brooklyn that was suddenly canceled due to the rain...We went back to our apartment and indulged in friendship, booze and several sword and sorcery movies, and thus the inspiration had thrust forth ideas and this outrageous R-rated tale was born.”

Sanchez will be signing at the "Evil Ink Comics" booth #1732 on Friday 7/18 at 4pm, and Saturday 7/19 at 2pm with writer Chondra Echert and "Kill Audio" artist Mr Sheldon.

Also, Sanchez will be doing a Reddit AMA from the Evil Ink booth on Thursday at 1pm PST. So hit up Reddit if you want to ask him ANYTHING!


From Evil ink:

KILL AUDIO follows the adventures of an immortal little troll who struggles to find purpose in a land where creativity is a controlled substance. When musical creativity spirals into chaos, KILL AUDIO discovers his life mission.

Supported by a wildly eccentric posse and a nemesis hell-bent on proving his mortality, KILL AUDIO takes on non-sensical musical sub-genres while traipsing across a vivid landscape.

"Starboner" will be released by Evil Ink Comics in Fall.