'The Wolverine' Soundtrack: What Do These Track Titles Mean?


"The Wolverine" has less than two weeks to go before it digs its claws into theaters. But even though we're in snikt-ing distance of Logan's next big-screen adventure, we're still eager for clues about what director James Mangold has up his sleeve.

Today, those clues have arrived. Sony Music has announced the release of the original motion picture soundtrack of "The Wolverine," composed by Marco Beltrami. The full track list has been revealed, offering plenty of insight into what "Wolverine" has in store for fans.

Check out the track titles below, and some guesses at what they might mean.

wolverine soundtrack

1. "A Walk in the Woods"

Trailers and stills for "The Wolverine" have shown a hero cleaned-up and ready for action. But we've also seen pictures of Hugh Jackman with shaggy hair and a ferocious beard — presumably the portion of the movie where Logan's sulking in Canada, before globe-trotting over to Japan. Smart money says we'll start there, with Logan at his lowest, stalking through the woods like the animal he's named after.

2. "Threnody for Nagasaki"

No big surprise here: the trailers have made it clear that Wolverine witnesses and survives the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. Looks like that scene will happen early in the movie.

3. "Euthanasia"

My guess: the title refers to Logan killing Jean Grey in "X-Men: The Last Stand." We know that Famke Janssen has a role to play in the film, so don't be surprised if Wolverine's late love interest has a theme of her own.

4. "Logan's Run"

Logan. Running. Enough said.

5. "The Offer"

The trailers have made it clear why Logan comes to Japan: an old, dying friend can somehow take away Wolverine's immortality, if he wants. Safe assumption that this is the track that plays over this scene.

6. "Arriving at the Temple" and 7. "Funeral Fight"

We've seen hints of these scenes in recent "Wolverine" trailers. Logan, dressed all in black, attends some kind of funeral, when all hell breaks loose. These tracks are definitely connected to that sequence.

8. "Two Handed" and 9. "Bullet Train"

The second of these two tracks is self-explanatory; again, we've seen the scene in trailer after trailer. How about "Two Handed," though? I hope it's just a quick, thirty-second track devoted to Logan shoving both sets of claws into all of the Yakuza.

10. "The Snare," 11. "Abduction" and 12. "Trusting"

All three of these seem related, don't they? There's a trap, someone gets caught, and trust becomes an issue. But is someone literally caught? Or maybe it's a reference to Logan's healing factor crapping out on him, as we've seen hinted at in trailers?

13. "Ninja Quiet" and 14. "Katana Surgery"

Both of these titles are just straight-up badass. The first must refer to the ninjas we've seen in trailers. The second? Who knows. But I would pay to see two hours of katana surgery, no doubt about it.

15. "The Wolverine"

Unused title: how Wolvie got his groove back.

16. "The Hidden Fortress"

The setting for the final battle.

17. "Silver Samurai"

The opponent in the final battle.

18. "Sword of Vengeance"

The weapon used in the final battle.

19. "Dreams" and 20. "Goodbye Mariko"

Ominous titles, both of them. Is Logan about to lose another lover to the great beyond? Doesn't sound good for Mariko.

21. "Where To?"

Whatever happens in "The Wolverine," it's a sure bet that Logan himself will walk away whole — mostly, at least. The question is, where does he go from here? That's the question this track is asking.

22. "Whole Step Haiku"

The name of my new dance move I'm debuting at my wedding in two weeks.