SDCC 2013: 'Walking Dead,' Wolverine And More Highlight Diamond And Diamond Select's Exclusives


TWD_SDCC13Sm1 (1)

Less than 24 hours until San Diego Comic-Con starts with Preview Night on July 17 -- and there's still plenty of Comic-Con exclusives, panels, signings, and more being announced!

Those going to SDCC have about five or six fronts on which to schedule/budget their show -- but make sure you make some room for the exclusives being offered by Diamond Comic Distributors and Diamond Select Toys!

As seen above, you can check out these sweet minimates of "The Walking Dead" based on the Hershel's Farm storyline, with Rick Grimes and the religious farmer having to deal with a couple of Walkers.

On a similar Minimate note, you can enjoy some of the many faces of Wolverine in this "Wolverine Saga" pack, which includes Wolverine + Venom from that era in the 1990s, when Venom was on everything, and Wolverine was on slightly more than everything than he is now.

WolverineSaga_4pk1 (1)

Or you can try to square away some of the few dollars you'll have left after the show with this "R1-B1" vinyl bank, based on the classic "Star Wars" beeping droid's counterpart from the prequel trilogy, which we're pretty sure hardcore "Star Wars" fans remember, even if we don't.

R2-B1bank1 (1)

Or if your poison is more "Star Trek" than "Wars," you can check out this cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey, cast in translucent plastic to sneak up on your Federation-based toys!

BoP2a (1)

Or, if you want to go really old-school, there's a couple versions of Robby the Robot from that great 1950s chestnut "Forbidden Planet."  All robots in film and TV today owe a debt of gratitude to this clunky fellow!


And on that note, you can see one of Robby's early descendants in this black-and-white "Lost in Space" minimates set, which pairs the Jupiter-2's 'bot with one of my favorite characters, Dr. Zachary least until "Family Guy" branded him a "minicing, boy-hungry pedophile."  Thanks a ton, Seth MacFarlane!


What SDCC exclusives do you HAVE to get?  Let us know!