Toy News Roundup: Four Horsemen Kickstarter! Tons of Hot Toys! THE BATUSI!

Just a few days until San Diego Comic-Con starts…so we’re keeping it close to the chest as more and more last-minute toy news comes in!  Here’s a roundup of some big deals in recent days…

KICKSTARTED!: Toy design masters the Four Horsemen began a Kickstarter campaign over the weekend for their “Gothitropolis” line of figures, and…hold on, let me kick refresh…they have just now gotten their initial $65,000 goal!  THOSE are gonna be some happy campers at Comic-Con!  Now help them get to the $150,000 stretch goal, I want those wing-options they’re offerin’.

BAT-CLASSIC: Here’s a video of Mattel’s SDCC-exclusive “Batusi Batman” with dance-action and music.  Oh, you better BELIEVE I reserved one of these for the show!

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