Machinima Embraces Fan-Films With New Shorts


Starting today, Machinima throws its weight behind passionate fan filmmakers will premiere shorts inspired by video games like "Fallout," "Half-Life," "Minecraft," "League of Legends," and more.

Each film premieres every Friday throughout the summer. And we've got a look at the first, "Fallout Nuka Break – Red Star" after the jump!

According to a Machinima press release, "Fallout Nuka Break – Red Star" is:

Created by Wayside Creations, Red Star is set between the time periods of the original fan film and season one of Fallout Nuka Break. A dark look into the makings of a legend, Red Star stars Vic Mignogna as "Trader" (Fullmetal Alchemist, Star Trek Continues), Ed O'Ross as "Barker" the securitron (Dick Tracy, Full Metal Jacket), and Toni Wynne as Becca (Oz the Great and Powerful), this new fan film begins as the Ranger makes his way through the wasteland and finds his purposefully solitary life is interrupted when he is faced with an important choice: remain safely anonymous or become known as a hero?





Next up, Machinima is rolling out:

Friday, July 26 – League of Legends (K&K Productions)

Friday, August 2 – Mineshaft (Steelehouse)

More details to come!

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