Forget 'Sharknado,' Phil Noto Creates Steranknado!


Comics icon Jim Steranko on Twitter is a thing to marvel. The genius artist has been sharing some of the most amazing stories from his incredible career and life at 140 character bursts of badass brilliance. From bitch-slapping Bob Kane, to his exercise regimen, to his counterfeit money scheme, to his time spent as an escape artist, Steranko is an open book of awesomeness, and has officially tracended his status as comics legend to become an Internet sensataion. Which makes artist Phil Noto's melding of Steranko and The Aslum/Syfy's recent b-movie-cum-Twitter-meme "Sharknado" pure perfection.

"Sharknado" tore up the Twitter trend charts last night as Syfy aired the idiotic epic. While tweeters watched and sent off irony-laced tweets about Tara Reid's career, bad CGI, dumb writing, and Ian Ziering's Zieringing, Phil Noto drew this outstanding mash-up and posted it to his Tumblr.


Noto said:

So last night Jim Steranko (@iamsteranko) and Sharknado formed a perfect singularity on Twitter. This is my homage to the greatest of evenings.

Phil, you just won the Internet.

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