SDCC 2013: The Top 10 Questions NOT To Ask At Comic-Con



Panels at San Diego Comic-Con give fans the chance to speak to their favorites from some of the biggest and best entertainment has to offer. If you’re one of the people brave enough to grab the mic and ask a question, please don’t make it cliché. Other than asking if you can have a hug, there are a number of other dated questions some of the panelists have heard way too many times. Don’t be the guy who makes their favorite celeb cringe because you asked them something they’ve heard and answered before – probably at the last panel they were on that day.

Here are some classic no-no's if you're planning on asking questions at Comic-Con!

10. “Did you read the comics before you watched the show?” (The Walking Dead)


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It's as dead as a walker, so don't waste their time. Plus, it's more likely that they didn't even know what "The Walking Dead" was until they got the job. You're at Comic-Con. You have Norman Reedus in front of you. And that's all you got?

9. “How's it going to end?” ("Dexter"/"Breaking Bad")


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You know very damn well no one in either panel is going to answer that.

8. “Do you really understand all the stuff you talk about on the show?” (The Big Bang Theory)

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Only Mayim Bialik knows what she's talking about. The other ones just say the words in their scripts in a delightful and entertaining manner.

7. “How do I get my comic published?” (Stan Lee)


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There are actually a lot of really awesome panels throughout the four days to help with all that behind the scenes, back end stuff. Don't waste The Man's time.

6. “Where is Springfield?” (The Simpsons)


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I too would love to know but if Matt Groening hasn't given up that info yet, we can assume Bart's locale will go down as one of TVs biggest mysteries.

5. "Stephen, do you really know how to shoot an arrow?”(Arrow)


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Yes, he trained before the show started shooting.

4. Basically anything that has to do with the love triangle that is Elena, Damon, and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)


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That's the core of the show. It's more important that you ask WTF is going on when it comes to Stefan and Silas.

3. “Do you smoke weed all the time?” (Workaholics)


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Have you watched that show? It's pretty obvious they are proud 420 supporters.

2. Their Feud (South Park/Seth MacFarlane)


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This has been addressed on both shows in the past. In fact, so far in the past that if you bring it up, they have the right to write a joke about you in their upcoming seasons.

1. Don’t get specific with the actors


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Don't go up and say, "On episode 7 of season 3..." You know way more than the actors do about that stuff. Hell, you know more than the writers sometimes. It'd be easier to say, "In that episode where you..." That way you're more likely to jog their memory faster and not send them down a spiral of confusion.