SDCC 2013: Domo Goes Prehistoric In This Convention Exclusive



A new Domo figure is making its debut at San Diego Comic-Con next week, and this one's wild. Introducing the savage Caveman Domo Qee!

This 2" figure is part of the Dark Horse Qee line of Domo figures, more wee little monsters you can slip into your pocket. It's the latest in the line of toys for the Japanese mascot making their way to the states including the DC/Domo figures which gave us a monstrous Green Lantern, Flash, Batman, and Superman. Hey Dark Horse, any chance we'll see a Domo Hellboy at some point?

The Caveman figure will be available for $9 during the show. You can pick up Caveman Domo Qee at the Dark Horse booth #2615 during Comic-Con.