The Daily Geek: The Real Iron Throne, Cap's Shield, Vin's 'Avengers' Tease, And More


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According to George R.R. Martin, this is what the Iron Throne is supposed to look like.

From now on, THIS will be the reference I give to every other artist tackling a throne room scene," Martin said. "This Iron Throne is massive. Ugly. Assymetric. It's a throne made by blacksmiths hammering together half-melted, broken, twisted swords, wrenched from the hands of dead men or yielded up by defeated foes... a symbol of conquest... it has the steps I describe, and the height. From on top, the king dominates the throne room. And there are thousands of swords in it, not just a few.

This Iron Throne is scary. And not at all a comfortable seat, just as Aegon intended."

the real iron thrones


Here's the new poster for "Captain America: The Winter Solider." Looks like Cap's been clunking quite a few suckers with his trusty shield.

captain american the winter solider poster


Vin Diesel took to his Facebook page (shocker!) to tease his fans about his meeting with Marvel about an unspecified role. Which role? The folks are guessing The Vision. Which movie? Notice the comic cover he chose to stand in front of...

vin-dielse avengers 2


The New Yorker has a story on the "worst video game ever created," "Desert Bus," which was created by Penn and Teller and features a real-time drive from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada. It says:

The drive from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada, takes approximately eight hours when travelling in a vehicle whose top speed is forty-five miles per hour. In Desert Bus, an unreleased video game from 1995 conceived by the American illusionists and entertainers Penn Jillette and Teller, players must complete that journey in real time. Finishing a single leg of the trip requires considerable stamina and concentration in the face of arch boredom: the vehicle constantly lists to the right, so players cannot take their hands off the virtual wheel; swerving from the road will cause the bus’s engine to stall, forcing the player to be towed back to the beginning. The game cannot be paused. The bus carries no virtual passengers to add human interest, and there is no traffic to negotiate. The only scenery is the odd sand-pocked rock or road sign. Players earn a single point for each eight-hour trip completed between the two cities, making a Desert Bus high score perhaps the most costly in gaming.

Read the rest here.


So analysts say "Pacific Rim" is expected to fail while "Star Wars Episode VII" is expected to make $1.2 billion before its even cast. Does that make either of the movies better? Also, way to make fun movies boring, analyst!


Matt Fraction curated a series of "Hawkguy" shirts for WeLoveFine including this "Pizza Dog" shirt from the much-loved "Hawkeye" #11. He'll donate his curation commission to Futures Without Violence.


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