Toy Throwdown: Raphael VS Deadpool

Photo Jul 09, 7 02 38 PM

Welcome to the sixth installment of MTV Geek's Toy Throwdown! Plastic will melt, joints will be loosened, and paint is gonna get scratched as action figures of the world's most beloved characters tear each other apart in a battle to the death-- and YOU get to decide the victor!

This week, Marvel's Merc-With-A-Mouth: Deadpool brings an arsenal with him as he takes on the hard-ass of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael! I tossed them on a battlefield covered in tacos and pizza. Why? Because it has been raining like crazy lately and this was the best I could do with my utter laziness on short notice.

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Photo Jul 09, 7 10 04 PM

Bear witness as a ninja who walks like a man clashes blades with a man who thinks he's a ninja!

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Photo Jul 09, 7 17 22 PM

Ole Wade looks kind of cocky-- even under that mask, right? Well, don't count Raph out just yet. I mean, that guy lives in a sewer...surrounded by poop. That'll make anybody tough; much less a mutated turtle!

Photo Jul 09, 7 20 49 PM

Photo Jul 09, 7 25 44 PM

Photo Jul 09, 7 26 27 PM

Yep. Raphael isn't stuck only using sais. Thinking otherwise is ridiculous-- of course, Raph probably didn't think the whole thing through, as evidenced below:

Photo Jul 09, 7 28 56 PM

Guns, son! Looks like that red bandana has just become a target, complete with an eyehole for each barrel.

Deadpool is part of Marvel Select's line of highly articulated heroes, while Raphael was part of the short-lived, but incredible, NECA line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures based on their looks in the original Mirage Comics.

So...what now?! Who do you think would win this mismatched (and deadly) food fight? Vote in the poll and then hit us up on Twitter, using the hashtag #ToyThrowdown, and argue why your pick would land the final blow!-- We thrive on conflict!

Toy Throwdown: Raphael VS Deadpool

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