'Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat' - Scott Snyder On His Concerns About His New Origin Story

batman zero year scott snyder

Scott Snyder was worried about what you guys might think of he and Greg Capullo's "Zero Year" arc outlining the early years Bruce Wayne, Batman, (possibly) The Joker, and Gotham City. But it's the thoughts of one comics icon that really has the writer on the edge of his seat. Check out our exclusive video interview with Snyder to find out who and more in the latest episode of new series "Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat"!

Watch: Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat Ep. 2

On Friday, we'll be back with Snyder with a spoiler-filled feature on "Batman" #22. So check back for the next installment of MTV Geek's "Batman: Zero Year - Behind The Bat series"!

"Batman" #22 is out on Wednesday, July 10.

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