'Back To Back To The Future' #3 Debut [EXCLUSIVE]


by Alison H. Mayer

So...what if Michael J. Fox never replaced Eric Stoltz in "Back to the Future"? Find out in our exclusive debut of David Guy Levy and Jeffery Spokes' "Back To Back To The Future" #3!

"Back To Back To The Future" posits what would happen if the "Back To The Future" filmmakers went back in time and stopped casting from replacing Eric Stoltz with Michael J. Fox...which is awesome for fans of the original film trilogy (or, you know, anybody really)...AND it's for a good cause! The first three issues debuted free on EW Comics, IGN, and your very own MTV Geek, and the final three issues will be available on David's website for $2 each, with all proceeds donated to the Young Storytellers Foundation. So be a superhero and read some comics!

For more information about the series and the Young Storytellers Foundation, be sure to check out the "Back To Back To The Future" website (starting tomorrow July 10!), Facebook, and Twitter!

BTBTTF Preview