Toy News Round-up: Giant Hulk Figure, Doctor Who's Ace and More!


Here's our roundup of some of the coolest toy news of the past week!

MORE MAD-PHAT MANDALORIAN ACTION THAN YOU CAN HANDLE: Sideshow Collectibles has posted a first look at its new Sixth Scale Prototype Boba Fett figure, based on the initial concept look of the bounty hunter, along with some rare Lucasfilm "Meet Boba Fett" footage!  In addition, they've got a look at four new Clone Troopers coming soon!


THIS HULK TOY IS A HULK: Sideshow has also announced pre-orders for a $599.99, 30-inch toy of "Gladiator Hulk" from the modern classic "Planet Hulk" storyline.  He's big enough to be your best friend, and bodyguard!...we'll stop this before it gets any sadder, but this is pretty much the only Hulk toy you need for the rest of your life.


OLD SCHOOL X-ACTION: We don't cover HeroClix too much here, mainly because of this writer's complete lack of comprehension of gaming, but we do  want to spotlight this ICv2 "New Mutants" base for the "Wolverine and the X-Men" line, because this was one of OUR teams growing up in the '80s, with such classic characters as a lava-girl from a hidden society based on ancient Rome and a techno-organic alien and...the 1980s were very, very weird.

26104New Mutants Team Base_LG

HYAKURETSU!: Kotobukiya has posted an illustration for its upcoming statue of "Street Fighter" favorite Chun-Li!

They've also just posted pics for their ARTFX Statue of "New 52" Black Adam, available January 2014.

Black Adam

HELLO, COMIC-CON!: Sanrio is bringing Hello Kitty to San Diego Comic-Con for the first time, complete with exclusive items!


WE REALLY WANTED TO PICK THIS LIST APART, BUT IT'S ACTUALLY PRETTY COMPREHENSIVE: io9 has a list of "The Greatest Action Figure Playsets of All Time."  ..okay, we'll concede that the Ghostbusters firehouse is missing, maybe the Super Powers Hall of Justice, and the Sectaurs "Hyve," though no one could find/afford that.

MAN, THOSE DARK HORSE "ALIENS" COMICS WERE AWESOME, ESPECIALLY THE ONES WITH DAVE DORMAN COVERS: NECA has Tweeted a pic of the packaged figures for their "Aliens: Genocide" set, based on the Dark Horse comic.

WE FIND THIS DEEPLY UNSETTLING: Big Bang Pow! kicks off a new line of "Saturday Night Live" licensing with "Drunk Uncle."

DAMMIT, WHERE IS THE KANDY MAN?!: Underground Toys has posted pics of its SDCC special figure of Ace, the Nitro-9-wielding final companion from the original "Doctor Who" series.


WE'RE REASONABLY CERTAIN SOMEONE WILL BE EXCITED BY THIS: The AV Club just did a short review of "Osmosis Jones," which inspired us to look up these pics of Trendmasters' unproduced toy line.  We would have SO bought these.  That Thrax is TOUGH.

Now it's time for a segment we like to call:


-Mattel has announced its plans for San Diego Comic-Con panels, including the annual "Mattypalooza," which features pics of many an upcoming "Masters of the Universe Classics" figure, among other lines.  Anticipating pics of the long-awaited Castle Grayskull, and THEY FOR DAMN SURE BETTER HAVE TWO-BAD AND SOME HORDE TROOPERS.  Or the rights to the characters from the Dolph Lundgren movie.  I'm hurtin' for Blade.

-The Comic-Con Mattypalooza panel will also have a vote to decide which of two characters who only appeared in the Filmation "He-Man" and "She-Ra" cartoons will get figures: Huntara or Lord Masque (you can watch the respective episodes where they appeared on Hulu in the links).  Here's pics of 'em both.  They were pretty bad dudes, a-both of 'em.

Huntara Lord Masque

-Speaking of toy contests, there's a gallery of original art used to depict the finalists in last year's "Create a He-Man Figure" contest, including the winner, Castle Grayskullman, and some real cool ones, including "Gangstor" and "Major Header."  Of course, none of MY entries, including "PiRat" or "Shrinkor," made the list.  Bah!  Ask if you want to see those.  Artist Jonboy Meyers is also selling the original art, if you're interested.


-For that matter, Castle Grayskullman himself gets a new installment of his online comic by his creator Daniel Benedict.

-AND FINALLY: It's been reported that a number of MOTU Classics figures are for sale at a Sears in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  If you're down there: Get me a Fisto!  I'll gladly pay you Tuesday.