The Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week! Gabrielle Bell, Sufficiently Remarkable, And More

Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week!

While it was tempting to pull out five fireworks-related strips this week, there's plenty of other interesting and eye-catching things that happened in the webcomicsphere this past week!

5. Walking on Broken Glass: Part two begins!Walking on Broken Glass

Caytlin Vilbrandt started her webcomic back in 2010, featuring a mix urban and fantasy elements. And while that might just be seen as the popular thing to do these days, Vilbrandt's story is still very much about the characters and showing their humanity through their lycanthropy (or whatever fantasy element a particular character has). Until now, she's been presenting her overall story in 20-ish page chunks, conveniently set for standard pamphlet publication. Her current storyline is extending well beyond that, and Part Two of this serial kicked off this past Sunday.

4. July Diary: Daily updates from Bell!July Diary

Every July for the past few years, Garbrielle Bell has done a diary comic for every day of the month. This year is no exception. "This isn’t a stunt," she says. "It’s an attempt to align a desperate need for solitude with an exhibitionist nature." The main difference this year seems to be that she's hiding in a remote area of upstate New York.

3. The Hues: Fantastic coloring!The Hues

Good coloring and good lettering often go under-appreciated by both readers and creators alike. Alex Heberling's most recent webcomics, The Hues, seems to draw continual inspiration from the title and consistently has great coloring. Page 64, which came out on July 1, is particularly striking with some excellent work with light and shadow.

2. Our Adventure Continues: Dog vs. Child!Dog vs Child

Steven Orr and Harold Jennett started Our Adventure Continues in a fairly honest fashion: by making themselves as the primary characters, both of whom want to do a webcomic but don't really know what to do one about. A webcomic about trying to develop a webcomic. The problem this week, though, is that Jennett had to take some time off the strip to deal with some family issues. So Orr stepped up with a one-panel-a-day fight between a small child and a dog. Maybe it's not the best comic ever, but Orr deserves a lot of credit for keeping the ball rolling without his artistic partner, while at the same time respecting the strip they created together.

 1. Sufficiently Remarkable: Kickstarter launched!Sufficiently Remarkable

This column shouldn't be just a promotional tool for everyone who's launches a webcomic-related Kickstarter project, but this one is noteable for a few reasons. Maki Naro was one of the Strip Search contestants that made it to the final round, but didn't ultimately win.  During the course of the show, he managed a pretty decent following and his project was "announced" through the show. So when the Kickstarter launched this week, Naro had the whole thing funded in about six hours and hit his first stretch goal in the first 24. He doesn't really need any additioanl promotion at this point, but his effective use of what attention he gained is noteworthy. Also, it looks like it'll be a really good comic!