Brian Buccellato Discusses October's 'Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion' [EXCLUSIVE]


In October, DC Comics will be augmenting their massive "Forever Evil" crossover event with three separate limited series that will tie into the main storyline, while highlighting characters that deserve more time in the spotlight.  MTV Geek got the opportunity to speak with the writers of all three series about their plans, and are proud to present EXCLUSIVE first looks at the cover art and solicitation info for the premiere issues!

Brian Buccellato and Patrick Zircher kick off their storyline with the "Villain's Month: Rogues" one-shot in September, and follow it with the first issue of "Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion" on October 16th – our talk with Buccellato follows, and once you finish reading what he has to say, check out the companion interviews with Matt Kindt about "Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S." and Peter J. Tomasi about "Forever Evil: Arkham War"!

MTV Geek: How closely is this series tied to the main event, and the other two tie-in series?  Do the events within happen concurrently with the main Forever Evil series?  Will it tie in closely to the ongoing Flash series, as well?

Brian Buccellato: This series is absolutely tied to the Geoff's main story, and actually expounds upon events that occur in Forever Evil. The Rogues are a big part of this series, and the mini-series that I have the honor of writing allows us to take a look at how this new world order affects them. That is not to say that you would be lost if you read only one of the two series. They each stand on their own, but if you read them both (or all of the tied-in series) you would have a much more immersive and (dare I say) epic experience. As far as being tied into the normal Flash run… it's not. These events take place after Flash #24.

Geek: Tell us a bit about the cast of this series - which Rogues are you specifically focusing on?  Who are the central characters of these five issues?

Buccellato: This series focuses on the core group: Captain Cold, Mirror master, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, and the Trickster. Glider and Turbine will also play a major role, but those first five guys are front and center. The Rogues will also encounter a boatload of villains from around the DCU.

Geek: And what can you tell us about the structure of the story?  Is it five stand-alone issues, five issues keyed to tie in with story beats in Flash and/or Forever Evil, or is it one large stand-alone story within the larger event?

Buccellato: The story definitely stands on it's own, but like I mentioned before… it's also directly tied with the CRAZY and AWESOME events of Forever Evil. Poor Flash is sitting this one out -- probably for his own good. :)

Geek: How did this series come together?  Did you see a story idea in this event and pitch it, or are you following a specific editorial master plan and giving it your own spin?

Buccellato: I was offered the opportunity to write this mini series, and I jumped at the chance. I have a serious (and possibly unhealthy) affinity for the Rogues AND have been chomping at the bit to work WITH Geoff again (for the first time as a writer). I'm not privy to the inter workings of DC EDITORIAL, but I think the "master plan" was conceived by Geoff and I'm happily taking his lead. And, to be clear, the Rogues story that I am writing is my own --I'm just working within the framework of the overall event that was master-planned.

Geek: And do you have more plans for these characters beyond this series?

Buccellato: I have a bazillion plans for them. Heck, I wanna do my own Rogues ongoing series! But I'm not sure that anyone at DC is buying into (or even knows) about my evil plans!






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