Toy Throwdown: Rambo VS Dutch

Photo Jul 02, 5 10 25 PM

Welcome to this week's installment of MTV Geek's Toy Throwdown! Plastic will melt, joints will be loosened, and paint is gonna get scratched as action figures of the world's most beloved characters tear each other apart in a battle to the death-- and YOU get to decide the victor!

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Thanks for voting! Find out who won below:


You've wanted it since the '80s, and "The Expendables 2" didn't deliver, so today's match-up features Sergeant John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) versus Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the ultimate action hero showdown!

Photo Jul 02, 5 12 36 PM

After taking on a Predator, hunting a human should be a cake-walk, right? Right?!

Photo Jul 02, 5 13 13 PM

Photo Jul 02, 5 18 12 PM

Point-blank machine gun fights are for pu**ies! Let's get rid of those things!

Photo Jul 02, 5 21 26 PM

Photo Jul 02, 5 23 42 PM


Photo Jul 02, 5 26 07 PM

Photo Jul 02, 5 26 51 PM

Looks like a certain Special Forces badass forgot about his opponent's sidearm!

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Photo Jul 02, 5 29 11 PM

Wait for it...Wait for it...While we're waiting: Both figures come from NECA Toys. Dutch was part of Series 8 of the Predator line, while Rambo is his own man!

Photo Jul 02, 5 31 20 PM

Photo Jul 02, 5 32 15 PM

Take that, Dutch's wrist!

Photo Jul 02, 5 37 16 PM

Now we're down to the knives...

Who will be the last man standing? Be sure to vote in the poll (POLL CLOSED) for who you think would win. After that, sound off on Twitter, using the hashtag #ToyThrowdown, and tell us why. Be passionate about your choice. Rambo would want it that way.

Toy Throwdown: Rambo VS Dutch

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