Image Expo: Robert Kirkman Announces 'All Out War' Is Coming In 'Walking Dead'


We've seen the teases, and done some speculating, but now we know.

Robert Kirkman took the stage at Image Expo in San Francisco, California Tuesday to announce his long-running zombie smash "Walking Dead" will enter "All Out War" for an upcoming 12-issue arc that will see release bi-weekly starting October 9. with issue #115.

Fans of Kirkman's series are familiar with the way the survivors of the zombie holocaust have been slowly breaking into factions, each with its own beliefs and rules of war.

We've got Rick Grimes’ “Survivors,” Jesus’s “Hilltop,” Negan’s “Saviors,” and Ezekiel’s “Kingdom.” How these teams will throwdown is yet to be scene, but it's sure to get bloody and killy.

Kirkman said that its time for his humans to start rebuilding civilization, but "With civilzation comes conflict."

Lots of conflict, I bet.

"All Out War" begins on October 9, 2013.

*Sorry for the awful pic!