Top 10 Geeky Summer Jobs


For you guys and gals who are still in high school, the idea of summer means one thing; sleep. To your parents and bank account it means another; summer job. While working at the local mall might be right for some, that’s not good enough for the geeks out there. That's why we decided to count down the top geeky summer jobs based on the shows and movies you love most.

10. Bartender at Verdant (Arrow)


The Backlot

For those old enough to enter Verdant, you’d be happy serving up the people of Starling City as they danced the night away. The best part of the job would be if your boss, Oliver Queen, walked around shirtless – don’t be scared to spill your bottles on him “accidentally.”

9. Paid Intern at Miami Metro (Dexter)


Darkly Dexter

Working alongside a man like Dexter Morgan would be exhilarating …at first. Then you’d get a little upset every time he stepped out know. As long as you didn't end up like the last intern and he brought you a huge box of donuts, it wouldn’t matter.

8. Daycare Worker at Sunnyside (Toy Story)



Buzz and Woody may not be there and yeah, you might not be able to catch the toys walking and talking, but you can make the job more fun by making that your summer mission.

7. Maid at Bates Motel (Bates Motel)

Bates Motel A&E

NY Times

Having a boss like Norma may get under your skin, but as long as you stay on her good sid,e you’ll be alright.

6. Writer at Daily Planet (Man of Steel)



Maybe you’ll be as lucky as Lois Lane and find a superhero while reporting at the Planet. One can only hope, right?

5. Delivery Person for Planet Express (Futurama)



You’d have to be frozen for some time before you got to work here, but is it worth it? Hells yeah, imagine drinking Slurm on the job while having a robot as your partner. Nothing bad can come of this job, unless you find yourself in deep trouble with some Amazonians or in the sewers of New New York.

4. Bus Boy at Bob’s Burgers (Bob's Burgers)


Divx Central

Bussing tables surrounded by the Belchers, sounds like heaven to me. Maybe if you’re that good, you’ll get to come up with a Daily Special of your own by the end of summer.

3. Governor’s Right Hand Man (The Walking Dead)



This is a little risky, but you’re up for the challenge, right? If the world suddenly turned into a vile place filled with Walkers, you’d want to learn how to overcome from the most sinister man in town. Learn his ways and get him before he gets you.

2. Dog Walker (Wilfred)


Direct TV

The idea that you’ll get to talk to your vulgar pooch on long walks will make them 10 times easier to get through when the heat is getting you down.

1. Burger Slinger at Krusty Krab (Spongebob Squarepants)


Cartoon HD Wallpaper

Your boss is a cheapskate, your coworker hates you, but you’re just grateful to be there. The crown jewel of the job though will be tasting a Krabby Patty. Please report back to the world immediately once you’ve done so.