SDCC 2013: Toys R Us Exclusives Include Transformers, Walking Dead, My Little Pony And PUPPIES



All right, so I'm a-gonna need to knock over a bank or something, because Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth have partnered to bring to San Diego Comic-Con even more cool exclusives on the already-overflowing list.  And not only are there great pieces from such lines as "Transformers," "Walking Dead" and "Adventure Time," but fans who can't make it to the show will be able to purchase these at on Thursday, July 18!

TRANSLATION: This ain't lastin' long.

Let's roll some highlights!

First, and big one: There's two Masterpiece Transformers for sale, and while the Decepticon Acid Storm is cool, y'all know from previous posts my heart belongs to MASTERPIECE SOUNDWAVE.


It's hard to describe a toy that retails for $119.99 as a stone bargain, but considering what people are already paying for imported versions of the Japanese release of this figure, it qualifies -- especially when you consider that it also comes with Rumble and Frenzy (and their hydraulic pounder-thingies), which were only available purchased separately in Japan.

As also mentioned before, I've had a chance to play with the Japanese version thanks to my boys at Crowemag Toys, and can say without reservation it is perhaps THE GREATEST TRANSFORMER ever.  This is going to sell out in minutes, possibly seconds, so gird your loins for a tough battle, TransFans (that sounds inappropriate somehow).

In an effort to decompress from our overwhelming excitement about this, here's...another effort at an exclusive: Brad Pitt's character, Gerry Lane, from "World War Z!"

Not Pitt

...well, that...exists.

Wow.  That could not look more like Brad Pitt, could it?  What an utterly uncanny likeness!  They must have used 3-D imaging technology to get the subtlest nuances of his appearance rendered in minute detail for this piece!  It's like a Greek sculpture!

...moving on...

Speaking of zombies, you can embrace the domestic life of the post-zombie-apocalypse world with this figure of Penny, the Governor's daughter from "The Walking Dead."


Ain't she sweet?  I can just see her curling up with her daddy to watch some decapitated heads in fishtanks after a hard day of killin'.

On the complete opposite end of the girl-friendly spectrum, it's the most dangerous of all the ponies:

Nightmare Moon


Yes, the antagonist of the first few episodes of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" gets a super-deluxe treatment in all her glory!  Separately, you can also buy a Rainbow Dash as Shadowbolt for her runnin' crew.


Now you KNOW we're mad-psyched for the new Batman toys in the style of the 1966 TV series -- I already got a voucher to pick up the "Batusi Batman" at Mattel's booth.  But what's Batman without a Batmobile?

We got that covered.


That's a full-sized ride capable of holding to figures -- though no word if it has that parachute occasionally used to slow down in the TV show.

Man, this is a good list.  But we saved the best (in our opinion) for last:



Yes, fans of Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time" will be over the moon about this set of plushies featuring the adorable/slightly unsettling offspring of Jake and Lady Rainicorn!  $27.99 gets you a complete set with Lady plus Charlie, T.V., Viola, Kim Kil Wahn and the Kristen Schaal-voiced Jake Jr.

As a disturbingly obsessed "Adventure Time" fan, this is pretty much the stone winner among the exclusives.  I LOVE those puppies!   I just got "Owly" creator Andy Runton to do a watercolor of them hanging with BMO at Heroes Con.  In summation: YOU MIGHT HAVE TO FIGHT ME.

(We kid.  Somewhat.)

Again, these pieces will also be for sale online on July 18, which means they will likely sell out as fast as Comic-Con hotel rooms.  BE PREPARED.

And of course, many will be available for sale at Toys R Us in a few months anyway, but where's the fun in that?

What's your favorite of these, and what do you plan to try to get?  Let us know!