Phil LaMarr Does Every ‘Futurama’ Character…Except Hermes?

by Alison H. Mayer

We had the chance to sit down with Phil LaMarr at this year’s Denver Comic-Con and talk to him a little bit about his illustrious voice acting career…turns out that he actually does every voice on ’Futuramaexcept Hermes. Seriously, even Leela.

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Yeah, he may be missing some crustacean-clicks here and there, but none of us are perfect, are we Phil? You talented son of a lady-dog you. Next thing we know, you’ll also bring back ’Futurama’ for another five seasons and singlehandedly fight off Mom and her evil robots…which hard, because, you know, you’re a real person and they’re cartoons.

Which impression do you like best? Let us know in the comments section below!

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