New 'Sailor Moon's Sailor Mercury Pics From S.H. Figuarts!


Keep October 2013 on your calendar, as that's when Sailor Moon's Sailor Mercury heads to toy shops; and judging by the response we've gotten to previous announcements about the anime heroine in toy form, she's going to be in demand.

The figure, which will come out in America through Bandai's S.H. Figuarts, is the first of the Sailor Scouts to appear alongside the previously-announced premium Sailor Moon figure, and comes with tons of detail, articulation and extras.

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The figure includes:

-3 exchangeable face parts

-Exchangeable hand parts (4 for right, 5 for left)

-Front hair parts with HMD goggle

-Pocket computer (2 types)

It should retail for $45, but you're getting a lot of toy value for all that.


We're hoping to get the rest of the Sailor Scouts soon... And of course Tuxedo Mask.  Dude was SMOOTH.

You can check out more pics on Tamashii Nations' Facebook page, or on this Japanese site.

Excited about the new "Sailor Moon" line?  Let us know!