More ‘Transformers’ News Than Meets the Eye – From SDCC Exclusives To BotCon Reveals!

At the recent “Transformers” convention “BotCon” in San Diego — just a few weeks before San Diego Comic-Con, takes place — Hasbro made a number of official announcements about upcoming Transformers releases for the rest of 2013 — and we’ve got some of our pics for the best of the best.

First off, we’d like to take a moment to give props to this year’s “Transformers Hall of Fame” inductees, as voted by fans — Optimus Prime’s right-hand man Ultra Magnus, and “Beast Wars” Megatron, aka the one whose plans sometimes actually worked.

Mad props!

We’ll post a full list of reveals at the bottom of this piece, but here are a few of our personally, highly-prejudiced favorites.

First, I’m weirdly psyched to see Cosmos, the Autobot who turned into a UFO, which was not a very good “in disguise.”  But I remember this one from childhood, and it’s always nice when one of these figures gets an updated version where you can actually move their legs and stuff.  Plus: It’s a robot that turns into a flying saucer.  That’s just great.

Next, just as “Beast Wars” Megatron gets a Hall of Fame induction, there’s some re-dos of some of the most popular characters from that CGI classic.

First is Rhinox, who was one of the smarter and more complex characters on that series…and whose figure from the initial line was sadly lacking.  Well, they done took care of that!

Man, he got his sweet buzzsaw-guns and everything!  You can practically see the Mainframe animation!

And another great “Beast Wars” classic, the comically ineffectual Waspinator, gets a show-accurate redo:

Man, that’s another great-looking figure.  There’s plenty of other “Beast Wars” dudes I’d like to see join them, including Blackarachnia and Dinobot (sob!).

As we said earlier, there’ll be a full list of new 2013 figures at the bottom of this post, but we want to move on to:


Awwwwww yeaaaahhhh.

The Hero Complex blog at the Los Angeles Times has posted a number of pics of Hasbro’s Comic-Con exclusives, which pay homage to the vast and storied history of these space-robots who turn into vehicles and creatures and stuff.  Here’s some highlights!

A popular pick for fans of the current “Beast Hunters” series — as well as one of the baddest of all the Decepticons from the original series — is the Shockwave Laboratory playset, which include the ice-cold purple people blaster, his cloning chamber,  and an Energon-infused Commander Class Predaking.

…you got a cold purple cyclops dude with a laser cannon for an arm, it’s just hard to mess that up.

There’ll also be a five-pack of figures with six-inch non-transformable renditions of such G1 favorites as Optimus Prime, Starscream and of course, Megatron.

…this might be some inadvertent hommage to “Action Masters,” the last gasp of the original toy line, which featured versions of the best-remembered Transformers WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO ACTUALLY TRANSFORM.  You know, because that wasn’t in the name or anything.

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