SDCC 2013: New Power Ranger Exclusives And Premium Figuarts Toys



The massive, massive list of San Diego Comic-Con super-exclusives has reached "War and Peace" levels of lengthiness  with new "Power Rangers" convention exclusives from Bandai and new pics from S.H. Figuarts -- and no matter what your choice of redubbed "Super Sentai" series, there's something out there for you!

Let's roll on down that list right here...

First, S.H. Figuarts has some new pics of the "Tyranno Ranger" that's coming out in November 2013.  This sucker is even more poseable than those original 8-inch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers toys -- but is still old school all the way.

Posed Ranger


And here's a sweet ad in its native language:


You can check out all manner of preview pics of these and other super-sweet premium S.H. Figuarts toys, including the Pink Ranger, on their Facebook page.

We continue to demand a super-sweet Lord Zedd.  This is now a political movement.  With politics.

Meanwhile, Bandai has gotten some mad-premium Comic-Con exclusives for Power Rangers fans of all eras, including not one but TWO Morphers.

First, there's an old-school morpher with Green AND White Ranger coins:


And this ain't even no plastic-type morpher like y'all knew as kiddies!  This is a 24-KARAT GOLD-PLATED MORPHER WITH DIE-CAST TOYS.

Should your Sentai tastes be more contemporary, you can go for this "Power Rangers: Megaforce" Limited Edition Delux Gosei Morpher, which is even more gold-plated-er.

Morpher 2

And there'll even be an exclusive four-inch Green Ranger figure, who was always my favorite when I was younger.  He was morally ambiguous, and had a flute-knife and Dragonzord!

Green Ranger

You'll be able to get these at Bandai's booth at San Diego Comic-Con.  For now, there's pictures of them on Bandai America's Facebook page, with more info on pricing and availability coming to their official convention page....which has nothing as of yet.  Keep checkin'.

Planing to get these, Ranger-fans?  Let us know!

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