'The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience' Comes To iTunes [EXCLUSIVE]


Nickelodeon is bringing Korra-fanatics deeper into the world of Avatars and Benders with the interactive book "The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience." "Enhanced Experience" will feature concept art, an in-depth look at the characters, animatics, storyboards, and more! It'll be available for FREE starting Tuesday, July 2 at iTunes.com/Korra.

For those of you heading to San Diego Comic-Con, the gang from "Korra" will hold their panel on Friday, July 19 from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in Ballroom 20. If you can't make it, don't worry, MTV Geek will be there to bring all the goods you need!

PLUS! Nick has provided us a look at two characters who will appear in the upcoming "Legend of Korra" Book Two from the "Enhanced Experience"!

Here's Tonraq (Waterbender, Korra’s father)


Tonraq was a general in the Northern Water Tribe and next in line to be the Chief. As a warrior, he relied on his physical strength to protect the tribe and was never very connected to the spiritual world. He is brash and hotheaded, not unlike Korra. Now living in the South, he’s determined to live a simple life. But when fate intervenes, he’s forced to lead his people in battle against his own brother.

And Unalaq (Waterbender, Chief of the Water Tribe)


Tonraq’s younger brother. He is an incredibly powerful Waterbender who also has a strong connection with the Spirit World. Because of his deep spiritual connections, he always believed that he was better suited to rule the North and the South than his older, brutish brother. He’s a firm believer in the old ways of the Water Tribe and a true fundamentalist when it comes to honoring the Spirits.