SDCC 2013: Shredder Gets Shined Up For This TMNT Figure Exclusive



2012 saw the bolstering of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise thanks to an all-new animated series on Nick and an action figure line from Playmates Toys. During last year's San Diego Comic-Con, a TMNT action figure exclusive was offered (which I reviewed here), and 2013 will be continuing that tradition with the recently announced vac-metal Shredder! Read on for packaged pics and info on the price of owning your own ninja master!

My need to own this figure knows no bounds, but the memories of last year's non-articulated exclusive still haunt me at every turn. Will Shredder feature the articulation that the photo suggests he has? No word as of yet (I'm awaiting returned emails.), but the pic clearly shows a lack of elbow joints and the addition of swivels at the knees. That example shows this articulation model is different from the first released Shredder figure, so hopefully, HOPEFULLY that means this shiny-version can slice n' dice dice my Turtles instead of just standing there menacingly.


Also like last year's release, this exclusive is being released in an enclosed package.


Here's the text from the back of the package:

Shredder 2013 Limited Edition Collectible Figure

Shredder based his armor on that of a mideval samurai. He added dozens of blades to his shoulders, helemt, arm guards, and particularly his gauntlets until he could look like a terrifying vision of death... or in the Turtles' minds, more like a walking can-opener.

Full Name: Oroku Saki

Place of Birth: Japan

Species: Human

Occupation: Crime Lord

Team: Foot Clan

Weapons: Razor Sharp Armor

Playmates have confirmed that the price of the figure will be $32.00. That's far, far more than he'll be upon hitting retail later this year, so you'll have to decide if the vac-metal look is worth the extra dough. Hint: It is.

You can pick up Oroku Saki at the Nickelodeon Comic-Con booth #4113.