Vertigo Plans Six New Series, Including 'Sandman' Spinoff


by Josh Wigler

DC Comics is banking on "Sandman" to wake up the Vertigo brand.

An extensive piece published by The New York Times previews upcoming plans to reinvigorate the Vertigo Comics line, beginning with Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III's "The Sandman: Overture," a six-issue miniseries bowing on October 30, publishing every other month. Beginning in November, Vertigo plans to release "The Sandman: Overture Special Edition" every month between new issues of the main "Overture" series, featuring original scripts from Gaiman, concept art from Williams and Q&As with the creative team.

SandmanIn addition to the "Sandman" mini, Vertigo has five additional series in the works. They include "Hinterkind," Ian Edginton's post-apocalyptic yarn about a world where mythical and legendary creatures have returned, and Peter Milligan's erotic thriller "The Discipline," centering on "a woman at the center of a shadow war that spans eons."

Vertigo is also planning a "Sandman" spinoff starring deceased boarding school students Edwin and Charles: "The Dead Boy Detectives," aiming for a November release. According to the Times report, Edwin and Charles will be joined by "a girl, whose mortality status is unknown." Also unknown: the creative team behind "Dead Boy Detectives."

"It's so liberating to know that I can talk about all these wonderful books," Vertigo's executive editor Shelly Bond says in the piece, later adding that comics books have been "accepted as an integral part of pop culture with all the TV shows and film franchise." Bond and her colleagues are hoping their new Vertigo offerings will be equally accepted, no doubt.

Read the full Times piece more information on the new Vertigo titles and a detailed analysis of the imprint's recent struggles.

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