Watch The Explosive First Episode Of Machinima's 'Game Over'

game over bomb tech - Boom_through_the_scope

Have you ever wanted to be a bomb tech in the middle of a war zone? How about a soldier fighting an alien invasion? Or a sharp shooting sniper? Well now you can be thanks to Machinima's new first-person series "Game Over." But the only hook in these fantasies is you might not make it out of them alive.

From the official press release:

Game Over delivers action from a whole new point of view. The nine-part series puts you in the middle of adrenaline packed scenes that feature non-stop action and frequent twists and turns. Every episode you, the viewer, will be a different character, in the middle of an all-new experience that places you in locations such as the desert, a government laboratory, and a Russian submarine, just to name a few. No two episodes are the same but they will all get your heart racing.

Here's the rundown of episodes:

1) Bomb Tech - It's one of the most dangerous jobs in the military. Watch the action unfold as the tension builds.

2) Sorority Girls - Three sorority girls are trying to get back across the border. They are stopped just short and things are about to get interesting.

3) Quarantine - There is a beast of some sort in the lab and it is anything but peaceful.

4) Submarine - The plan has been in the works for months and the time has come. Watch it all unfold.

5) Texting - We all know we shouldn't text and drive. Sometimes we need a lot of people to remind us.

6) Gamer - Never let games interfere with your life. Or your death.

7) Sniper - Experience what it's like to be one of the best snipers in the world. But be sure to watch your back.

8) Firebug - Here's to the crazy ones. They're always the ones that really take off.

9) The Snitch - Get ready to execute the perfect escape. But best laid plans die hard.

Check out the first episode "Bomb Tech" right here. Warning, NSFW language!

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