'Hocus Pocus': Where Are They Now?


It’s a staple on ABC Family, and a movie that results in a huge case of procrastination when on, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve all seen "Hocus Pocus" a million times since it came out 20 years ago -- yes 20 years ago(!) -- but that doesn’t mean we’re over it. It’s an ode to witch tales, with the myth turned reality , but also a look back at how amazing the '90s were. Only then could cross-trainers be the must-have and SJP be considered the hot one. To celebrate everything from the yabbos to cat who spawned one too many crushes, we’re taking a look at where the cast of "Hocus Pocus" is today.

Bette Midler, Winifred Sanderson


Photo credt: Gooldham/boneaubryanbrown

She was the head of the crew and the one you were most scared of. Bette Midler might have a lot of iconic roles on her resume, but for kids of the '90s, she’ll always be the fiercest redheaded witch. There was never any doubt that Midler went on to star with fellow sister Sarah Jessica Parker in "The First Wives Club" a few years later and stayed kid-friendly with "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Kitty Galore". Today she’s starring alongside Billy Crystal in "Parental Guidance" and doing her thing on Broadway in "I'll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers".

Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Sanderson


Photo credit: Movpins/The Gloss

She was the sultry sister that little boys wouldn’t have minded losing their innocence to. Of course we all know where Sarah ended up, but before she was dishing sexy time stories with her Big Apple bunch on "Sex and the City," she was in the lovely "Mars Attacks!" (never forget). Right before she became a fashion icon on HBO, she married Ferris, I mean Matthew Broderick, and is now the mother of three kids. Most recently she’s done movies few people saw and guest-starred on "Glee" as Isabelle Wright.

Kathy Najimy, Mary Sanderson


Photo credit: The Make Up Gallery/Zimbio

She could sniff out a kid a mile away, but the goofy one of the bunch wasn’t a threat. Even at five years-old you knew you could outwit Mary. After her stint as a vacuum riding witch, Kathy stole hearts with her voice as Peggy Hill for over a decade on "King of the Hill." From there she went on to ABC Family’s "Make It or Break It" and kept it in the family, playing a teacher on the new series "Twisted." As far as her personal life goes, she married The Dan Band’s Dan Finnerty in 1995, had a daughter a year later, and has since shed a lot of weight.

Omri Katz, Max Dennison


Photo credit: Patty Gopez/Zap2It

There were so many prototypes for what it meant to be a cool California teen in the '90s and Max was one of them. He wore tie dye and didn’t give a care in the world, or at least that’s how he tried to act. The virgin who lit the candle never really went on to light up much more in Hollywood though. Before "Hocus Pocus" he was on "Eerie, Indiana," but after he had a run on"The John Larroquette Show" for a couple years. Word on the street is that he became a hairdresser, but aside from a random part on "General Hospital" over 10 years ago as a tattoo artist, Omri’s been pretty silent.

Thora Birch, Dani Dennison


Photo credit: Film.com/Fanpop

She was the total package when it came to annoying but lovable little sister, and if it wasn’t for her the plot of the movie wouldn't have happened. She was the one who made Max go out that night. Thora was a staple in '90s kids movies like "Monkey Trouble" and "Now & Then." She grew up fast when she was cast as Jane Burnham in "American Beauty." From that point on it seemed like she was an indie queen. Her brightest role being Enid Coleslaw in "Ghost World," a movie where her BFF was Scarlett Johansson and her lover was Steve Buscemi. In a perfect world, those would’ve been switched around. Today she’s got a movie planned with Brittany Snow called "Petunia." That comedy is scheduled for some time this year.

Vinessa Shaw, Allison


Patty Gopez/TV Guide

Them yabbos. She was the girl who instantly caught Max’s eye and likely went on to make sure Max wouldn’t be able to light that black candle anymore. Since then she’s made some hilarious mistakes like "Corky Romano," but had some hits like "The Hills Have Eyes." She got a steady job last year in the short-lived "Vegas." She seems to be good at getting back in the game though. She recently starred with Channing Tatum in Stephen Soderberg’s "Side Effects." Vinessa should take some time to tie the knot though. She’s been engaged since 2008 to behind-the-scenes film artist Kristopher Gifford.

Sean Murray, Thackery Binx


Photo credit: Beauty Dart/IMDB

He risked his life to save his little sister and still ended up a cat. The boy who stole hearts as a purrfect mate, is doing just fine. He went from a steady stint on "JAG" to his current role on "NCIS" as Timothy McGee. Other than having a solid TV foundation, Sean’s personal life couldn’t be better either. He married in 2005 and has is a happy father of two.

Larry Bagby, Ernie "Ice"


Photo credit: Beauty Dart/IMDB

He probably made you want your name shaved into the back of your head. After being “Ice,” Larry went on to do pretty okay on TV. He was on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as Larry Blaisdell for a while and even settled into "The Young and the Restless" for about a year. Today he’s got a few projects lined up and even got into music.

Tobias Jelinek, Jay


Photo credit: Bearty Dart/Holly Web

He was Ice’s sidekick and the image you imagined when someone said “slacker kid in the back of the class who listened to Metallica.” Today he’s cut the hair and is still acting. He’s been on "Southland" and played a meth head on Showtime’s "Shameless." You can catch him in a mini stage production of "Terminator" though; not kidding, he's totally in a "Terminator" play.

Doug Jones, Billy


Photo credit: Disney Movies and Facts/Zimbio

He said few words as the zombie-ex lover, but his Robert Smith look was memorable enough to note here. The man behind Billy wouldn’t be easy to spot on the streets, but that’s only because Doug’s stayed busy in the world of sci-fi where his face is usually hidden by out of this world costumes and prosthetics. He’s been in "The Outer Limits," "Men in Black II," and is most famous for appearing as Abe Sapien in the "Hellboy" movies and as the Silver Surfer in "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer."