The Top 10 'Hocus Pocus' Cosplay


If you ever find yourself on a trivia game show and get a question about "Hocus Pocus," remember that it came out in July 1993, not October. Yeah, it’s weird that one of the best Halloween movies didn’t come around in the spooktacular month, but that has never stopped any of us from associating it with our annual tradition of tricks, treats and dressing up. Speaking of, the Sanderson Sisters and Co. have been inspiring costumes for two decades now, so let’s take a look at the best "Hocus Pocus" cosplay out there.

10. Boooook!


Photo credit: Gaia Online

You can’t have the Sanderson Sisters without their one-eyed confidant.

9. Ready for Our Close-Up


Photo credit: Emily Lauren Alleman

No one wants to get that close to one of those witches. The repercussions aren’t worth it.

8. The Dreaded Ex, We Think


Photo credit: Kira Kira

Is that Billy with them? Well, things just got awkward then.

7. Strike a Pose


Photo credit: Stuff I Stumble Upon

Extra points for posing like the picture that’s on the wall behind them.

6. Life of the Party



An homage to one of the characters who isn't as celebrated as the rest.

5. Twist the Bones and Bend the Back…


Photo credit: Feminine Miss Geek

Just like thissss…

4. On the Hunt


AC Paradise

The only way to get through the night is to suck the life out of all the children. We just have to go find them first.

3. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary


Deviant Art

She’s even got her trusty vacuum to get around town.

2. Here He Is


Photo credit: DVDizzy

A Billy we can recognize on the spot, making zombies kind of hot since ’93.

1. Regal Witches


Photo credit: Morning Addict

You’d never guess these fancy witches were pure evil if this was the first picture you ever saw of them.