Top 10 Geeky 4th of July Treats


The best part about 4th of July easily the food. What better way to chow down than with some snacks based on your favorite, geeky movies, TV shows, and games? Whether you’re tailgating, having a picnic at the beach, or having the classic backyard BBQ, these geeky treats are a must have. The following cover all the taste bud necessities from the comforting wings of Gotham City to the dangerous times of an apocalypse.

10. Yeto’s Soup (The Legend of Zelda)

zelda soup

Photo Credit: Gourmet Gaming

Pumpkins, potatoes and maybe a little Ocarina to warm up the night, probably already warm night. Recipe.

9. Batman Pies on a Stick


Photo Credit: Four Kids

This is a fun snack you can make with the kids and if they turn out, you won’t have to use the bat signal for backup. Recipe.

8. Cheesy Bread (The Hunger Games)

cheesy bread

Photo Credit: Yammie's Noshery

Be like Peeta and get your baking on. Maybe you’ll be able to outdo Katniss and not tie for first place. Recipe.

7. Blood Punch (The Vampire Diaries)

blood punch

Photo Credit: Wet Paint

One could only hope that brewing this would summon the likes of Damon and Stefan, or at least anyone who looks just as hot. Recipe.

6. Lemon Cakes (Game of Thrones)

Watch: Cooking Lemon Cakes | Cooking With Thrones | Ep. 2

You can have the white and blue with this tart treat, just skip the red because you don’t want your night of freedom to end like that wedding. Get the recipe from our episode of "Cooking with Thrones"!

5. Ectoplasm Popcorn (Ghostbusters)

ectoplasm popcorn

Photo Credit: Suzie the Foodies

"He slimed the popcorn!" As the fireworks are popping, enjoy some slimy popcorn. Recipe.

4. Deviled Eggs (The Walking Dead)


Photo Credit: She Knows

Even though your food is eyeballing you, don’t freak out. Eat it before the rest of the body catches up and gets you! Recipe.

3. Chocolate Covered Bananas (Arrested Development)

arrested development chocolate bananas

Photo Credit: WikiHow

There might always be money in the banana stand, but try making these frozen goodies at home to save a buck. Recipe.

2. Blood Slide (Dexter)


Photo Credit: EXP Bar Online

After all is said and done, those of age should enjoy their BBQs and picnics with a little drink; hold the plastic wrap. Recipe.

1. K9 Dogs (Dr. Who)


Photo Credit: BBC America

It’s ironic we’re going with a widely popular BBC show to celebrate America, but when the recipe is this delicious, we can’t help ourselves. Recipe.