Draw Your Swords...Literally!: The Top 10 Pieces Of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Fan Art


Sometimes fan art can take a drastic turn and end up a laughable collage on a refrigerator. I’m not saying I’ve had some printed at the local CVS and have them adorning my fridge. Okay, that’s exactly what I’m saying. One of them happens to be a Jack Sparrow that almost everyone thinks is a tribute to Bret Michaels. Luckily though, none of the following drawings of Jack and Co. are on my fridge because these are the best of the best. So in honor of the now classic movie's 10-year anniversary, let's take a look at some great "Pirates of the Caribbean" fan art!

10. Jack & Elizabeth Fantasy


Photo Credit: Rejerito

What would Will think of this?

9. Contemplative Jack


Photo credit: Usamaism

He’s probably thinking, "thank goodness they got my good side." To that we say, all sides of Jack Sparrow are the good side.

8. Rustic Turner


Photo credit: Red Bubble

It looks like it came from an old treasure map.

7. Ticked Off Swan


Photo credit: Fan Pop

She looks a little upset about something. Maybe that her man can only come ashore one day every 10 years.

6. A Somber Jack


Photo credit: Deviant Art

This saddened look can only be caused by one thing, there’s no more rum.

5. Marry Me Will


Photo credit: F**k Yeah Disney Fan Art

It’s a shame this man won’t reprise his role…

4. Fanfict Meets Art


Photo credit: Fan Pop

They never hooked up, but something tells me this picture is used as the header for a lot of online fanfic.

3. Buddies to the End


Photo credit: Randomnies

Barbosa and Jack, you can’t get much better than that. Wait you can. We got two more.

2. The Whole Gang


Photo credit: Slodive

They took the whole lot and created a beautiful piece that captures every aspect of the film wonderfully.

1. Model Good Looks


Photo credit: Nathaniel Emmett

Someone call Tyra Banks because this guy’s smiling with his eyes.