Give Me A Slice: The Top 10 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Cakes


The best way to celebrate anything is cake. Whether it’s a retirement, a wedding or in this case, an anniversary. So to say a happy 10th birthday of sorts to the movie that started it all! Here are the top "Pirates of the Caribbean" cakes.

10. All the Booty


Photo crdit: Karlis-Cakes

A pirate’s life is worth only as much as what’s buried under the X that marks the spot.

9. Jack & Angelica


Photo credit: Disney Vault

She might’ve not turned up until the last "Pirates," but they’re such a cute couple, we couldn’t deny their presence.

8. LEGO Jack


Photo credit: Nadie-Zucchelli

There is something undeniably adorable about anyone when he or she is shaped like a LEGO man, cake included.

7. More Scene than Cake


Photo credit: Flickr

It’s hard to tell what’s edible and what’s not, but we wouldn’t mind a taste test.

6. Jack + Will = Forever


Photo credit: Flikr

A bromance made specifically for the high seas...and your bellies.

5. Where’s the Rum?!


Photo credit: Ele Makes Cakes

Please say this wasn’t for a child’s birthday…

4. Vintage Please


Photo Credit: Flick River

The map is what makes this one stand out the most; follow it to a delicious time!

3. A Whole Lotta Jones


Photo credit: Blount Today

Not sure if our appetite is big enough to attack Davey Jones. We might just admire this one from afar.

2. The Other Jack


Between The Pages

While Jones was too frightening to eat, this one’s just too darn cute.

1. Out of the Box


Photo credit: Between The Pages

It makes little sense, but we’re happy to say that Emmy, you had the best Pirates cake around.