Arrr! The Top 10 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Tattoos, My Matey


Johnny Depp has more than enough characters under his belt to identify him with, but it’s hard to think that Jack Sparrow wasn’t always one of them. "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" came out a decade ago on July 9th and forever changed the way we think of the high seas, Tortuga, and of course, the rum. So with that in mind, we’re going to note the top tattoos fans have gotten over the years, and yes, we’re aware Davey Jones didn’t come until later, but he’s too good to ignore.

10. Jack’s Sparrow


Photo credit: The Rider News

Jack has this symbol for his name, so why not? It’d be even better if the person who got it was indeed named Jack Sparrow as well.

9. Captain’s Code


Photo credit: FYeahTattoos

This one captures the golden rule of the pirate.

8. Davey and the Booty


Photo credit: Ink Freakz

One of the worst villains ever known to Disney, plus a pretty sweet coin.

7. All Out


Photo credit: One Way A Nova

The logo, the Kraken, and a sparrow? Check, check, and check.

6. In Thought


Photo credit: Tattoo Set

You never know what’s going on in Jack’s mind, but there's a good chance it’s some kind of scheme.

5. Back It Up


Photo credit: Alternative Look

This guy has a bad side, no, not like that. He’s got Davey in this huge back piece? He has to have a dark side, right?

4. Monkeying Around


Photo credit: Cecil Porter Studios

The only one to do things a little differently, and we applaud that.

3. Picture Perfect


Photo credit: Strange Fun Kidz


2. Bring Me The Horizon


Photo credit: Disney Ink

Traditional and elegant all at the same time. With a timeless line.

1. A Leg Up on the Competition


Photo credit: Disney Ink

Go big or get outta the boat. This one is intense and extreme, and pretty much every synonym that means awesome. But one question, will the other leg ever be done?