Geek Chic: Top 10 Geeky Bathing Suits To Sport This Summer


For this holiday weekend you might be hitting the pool or the beach. So we figured give you ladies some perfectly geeky chooses of swimsuits to choose from. These 10 suits are way hotter than anything you’ll find from Ralph Lauren and Kenneth Cole. From consoles to toons, these are the top suits you need to get your hands on to be the talk of the water.

10. Under The Sea

little mermaid bikini


Look like Ariel in this "Little Mermaid" inspired two-piece. It’s simple but does the trick.

9. Get In Order


Dude I Want That

You’ll be the only thing people want to solve in this Tetris number.

8. Go, Go To The Pool!


Meme Codex

Have a mighty morphin’ time in this Pink Ranger suit. Wonder if you can snag someone as good as Tommy in it.

7. Fish Out of Water


Geek Alerts

You might not want to be in the water with this one…It might attract some unwanted company.

6. Land of Ooh-La-La



Only adventures can be had in this one because well, yeah, you get why.

5. Call Me Captain


8-bit Central

You weren’t over exaggerating when you said you loved Captain Kirk, were you?

4. Assemble a Good Time

avengers bikini

Speak Geeky To Me

No one will mess with you when you have "The Avengers" on your side, front and behind.

3. Time to Play


Geek Alerts

Don’t let anyone press your buttons in this Nintendo one-piece. Well, unless you want them to.

2. Where’s My Magic Lasso?


My Disguises

That’s the only thing that missing from the Wonder Woman suit.

1. Beach Buddies


The Nerdy Bird

Enjoying the beach with a friend is just more fun when you can go dressed as "Star Wars'" BFFs.

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