SDCC 2013: It's The Man Of (Almost) Steel With These Jim Lee-Designed Super Alloy Statues



We don't know if this Superman will stop a bullet, but this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive of the DC Comics hero is as close to a real "Man of Steel" as you're going to get.

Yes Anime has announced not one, but two super-cool (and super-priced) 1/6 scale Super Alloy figures of DC's biggest heroes designed by Jim Lee for San Diego Comic-Con.  What's Super Alloy?  It just means that they're 80 percent PURE METAL, and we don't mean that metaphorically.

These are for adult collectors, probably in part because kids would throw them at each other and get their brothers sent to the hospital and get spanked hard.  Um, might be speaking from personal experience there.

This will set you back $360!



This comes with so much stuff that we're just going to post some highlights from Yes Anime's announcement:

- One (1) interchangeable head of The New 52 Superman with angered expression.

- Three (3) Krytonian crystals – red, green and blue – which can be inserted in the control console of the Crystal Fortress base.

- One (1) interchangeable head of The New 52 Superman. 6. One (1) interchangeable head of The New 52 Superman with heat vision eyes.

- One (1) cape with posable inner wire; One (1) cape without wire for flowing cape effect.

- Red LED light in head with heat vision eyes (batteries included); Die-cast remote control to control LED light in head with heat vision eyes only (batteries included).

- Crystal Fortress base with lights and fan to simulate flowing cape (batteries included, not controlled by remote). 26. Base stand with claw comes with adjustable height.

- Foldable backdrop with plastic angle supports to enhance display of figurine.

There's like 30 things total!

If you want to save a few bucks -- very few -- there's a $300 Super Alloy Batman, also designed by Jim Lee:


And here's some highlights from THIS:

- More than 50 points of articulation.

- Featuring a detachable and posable fabric cape, grappling gun and batarang accessories, and a magnetic dragon gargoyle display base

- Ball-jointed groin (this just made me laugh because I'm 12)

- Magnets embedded under feet

- One (1) interchangeable head of Batman with angered expression. 17.One (1) pair of fists. 18.One (1) pair of hands to hold batarangs. 19.One (1) hand to hold grappling gun.

- PVC utility belt;  Two (2) batarangs; .One (1) grappling gun

- Figure display dragon gargoyle base with stone finish and embedded magnet; Magnet feet lock at dragon gargoyle base

- Box packaging comes with magnetic clasp and box sleeve; Base stand with claw comes with adjustable height

That's pretty dang ultimate right there.  It might even be ultra-ultimate.  ULTRAMATE.

Have you the scratch to get these -- and if so, planning to pick them up at Comic-Con?  Let us know!