SDCC 2013: Comic-Con Posts Master List Of Exclusive Items


adventure time entertainment earth

If you're going to San Diego...San Diego Comic-Con, that sure to wear, er, carry, this list of SDCC exclusives with you!

Though many, including this writer, have incessantly kvetched about keeping track of the sheer mass of exclusive toys, statues, novelty items and occasional actual comic books offered only at Comic-Con and subsequently at mad-jacked prices on eBay, we will concede that there is some genuinely cool stuff, and that it also gives us things to write about on a regular basis.

And now, it's easy...or as easy as it will ever keep track of the 100+ offerings for this year in this handy-dandy master list on the Comic-Con website.

This list lets you keep track of who has these exclusives, links to sub-pages showing what these exclusives are and how much they cost, and on the main page, a count for exclusives at each booth.  Currently, Entertainment Earth is in the lead for most exclusives at 21, with Titan following at 19.  Hasbro just has 6, but as we've shown you earlier, while there ain't much meat, what's there is choice.

With new announcements happening pretty much every day (check out some more in our toy news roundup!), it's impossible to say what represents the best of the best, but rest assured, we'll have our picks for the absolute must-grabs at SDCC by the time the con rolls around!

Just remember: NO TRAMPLING OTHERS TO GET THESE.  Nobody wins.

Which exclusives have you most excited?  Let us know!