Life-Size Ark Of The Covenant Makes The World's Greatest Coffee Table

Ark Banner

You don't have to be Indiana Jones or search a government warehouse to find the Ark of the Covenant from Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' "Raiders of the Lost Ark" -- you can now have your own, melting faces not included!

The website makes life-sized replicas of the Biblical artifact, perfect for coffee tables, conversation pieces, and potentially scaring off Nazis.


The custom-made pieces range from small (26 inches long) to "life-sized" (50 inches long) and include poles for carrying, angel figureheads, and an optional special plaque piece.


You can also open up the Ark, presumably to store family photos, keepsakes, or the remnants of the Ten Commandments. Just remember: Don't look directly at it.

Large Ark 016

If you've got the scratch and want to have the coolest coffee klatch ever, email the webmasters at for more information on availability and pricing.  Thanks to them for letting us run these photos!

We recognize that there will be a lot of geeks of both genders, this writer included, who will now endure a great amount of pleading with their spouses/significant others for this purchase. Just remember -- only a little over five months 'til Christmas!