Will You Help Create 'The World's Smartest Robot'?


by Josh Wigler

Adam Z1 is like Quiz Kid Donnie Smith: he has a whole lot of love to give. But he's also like the Scarecrow: he doesn't have a brain.

An Indiegogo campaign called "Help Make Me the World's Smartest Robot" is aiming to fix that last problem. David Hanson, creator of the Adam Z1 robot, is hoping to provide his creation with a mind that provides "some basic Robot Common Sense."

The project teams Hanson with OpenCog Artificial General Intelligence founder Ben Goertzel, roboticist Mark Tilden and consciousness specialist Gino Yu to develop "toddler level intelligence" for Adam Z1. With toddler-level intelligence, Adam Z1 would be able to play with toys, draw pictures on an iPad, talk to humans about his activities, respond to human emotion with his own emotions, and more.

It's an ambitious project with an ambitious price-tag: the Indiegogo campaign requires $300,000 to complete, in order to "pay some programmers to do the hard work of customizing their AI software into a next generation robot brain." As of this writing, the campaign is just shy of $4,000 with 35 days left to go.

For those of you looking to kick-start the Cylon revolution, looks like this is a good first step. Find out more about the project over here and in the video below.

[Source: io9]