Okay, So It Turns Out [SPOILER] Wasn't Dead After All!


Remember last month when the Internet blew up amidst learning about the death of a famous member of the Bat-family of comic books? Well...maybe that wasn't so much of a thing after all. Read on for SPOILERS.

jla 4 catwoman

So Catwoman took a bullet to the brain in the final pages of "Justice League of America" #4. Critics and fans were fumed about what was considered the pointless death of a strong female character, accusing DC of "fridging" the beloved anti-hero. Fridging is a reference the events of "Green Lantern" #54, which featured Lantern Kyle Rayner's ladyfriend Alex DeWitt murdered and stuffed in a fridge. Yes, I agree that the death was gratuitous, and killing off one of the few female characters worth a damn in DC's roster was brutal for fans looking for something other than hulking, angsty dudes in their funnybooks. But what struck me most about the event was the lack of fanfare for the death of a major Batman character. Catwoman has always been one of the most important and well-liked baddies/goodies in Bruce's rogues gallery/rolodex, so we'd think DC would blow the death out like they did for Superman or Marvel did with "Spider-Man." But no. She got capped and died and that's about it.

Or was it?

In "Justice League of America" #5 we learn that it wasn't Selina who got her brains blown out, but Martian Manhunter. Trickery! So, ya know, whatever, right? She's not dead. Forget all that blood and brains that was pouring from the woman's head. It was nothing. Just a narrative thing. Don't sweat it. She's cool.

jla 5 catwoman