Zelda Stop-Motion Movie: Link Battles Buster Swords, Hero Factory Monsters

legend of zelda

By Josh Wigler

Why there is not yet an amazing "Legend of Zelda" movie in theaters by now is beyond explanation. Heck, strike the word "amazing." Just any live-action "Zelda" movie, even if it's "Super Mario Bros." quality. (Bob Hoskins as Ganon, anyone? No one? Yeah, maybe not.)

Until Nintendo decides to go Hollywood and make that long-awaited live-action trip to Hyrule happen, "Zelda" fans will have to settle for fan-made movies. But "settle" feels like the wrong word to use when the results are as original, carefully-crafted and straight-up badass as "Zelda Stop Motion," by YouTube user counter656.

The episode, titled "Stage 1: The Knife Lord," clocks in at a grand total of four minutes and 51 seconds. That feels like an eternity in Internet time, but it goes by fast, thanks to the frenetic action supplied through the stop-motion.

The short is light on plot and high on sword-smashing and head-cleaving, breaking away from "Zelda" continuity and leaning all the way into heavy video game and anime references. For example, Link's rolodex of weapons includes not just his standard Master Sword, but the Artix Axe and Cloud Strife's Buster Sword — the latter of which makes another appearance late in the video.

Link's list of summonable monsters sports even more Easter eggs, with options including Sephiroth, Wesker and Goku. He finally settles on a very familiar, non-"Zelda" summon to use in battle against the titular Knife Lord, a character created using a combination of a Hero Factory Monster and clay animation.

According to counter656, the nearly five-minute video uses approximately 3,000 pictures and took one month of production time to complete. If that's the rate these videos can keep getting produced, then here's hoping that it only takes a month for "Stage 2: The Fat Dragon" to arrive.

[Source: Kotaku]