'Walking Dead' Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary At Comic-Con This Year


by Josh Wigler

For many, "The Walking Dead" is a fairly new phenomenon. Those are the folks who have only lived with the smash-hit television series in their lives for the past three seasons.

But comic book readers have seen Rick Grimes and their other favorite characters maimed and tortured for over 100 issues and almost 10 full years — and Robert Kirkman and his Skybound Entertainment imprint plan to mark the occasion in style at this year's Comic-Con International.

Hero Complex reports that Kirkman and Skybound are celebrating the 10th anniversary of "The Walking Dead" at this year's San Diego convention with zombie costume contests, make-up stations, celebrity appearances, and a booth where fans can play the "Walking Dead" video game. The 2013 show also sees the return of "The Walking Dead Escape," the Petco Park obstacle course that pits fans against zombies. (Note: having participated in "Escape," I can tell you with authority that you should only join in if you're wearing clothes you don't care about. To quote Daniel Plainview, there will be blood.)

The Comic-Con celebration also includes the unveiling of a custom-designed 2013 Hyundai Veloster called the "Zombie Survival Machine." Fans can use a "Walking Dead Chop Shop" app to design their own Zombie Survival Machines, and the winning submission will be constructed and revealed at New York Comic Con in October.

"It's hard to believe the growth and expansion 'The Walking Dead' has undergone since I began writing the comic 10 years ago," Kirkman tells Hero Complex. "This entire event is a thank-you to fans of 'The Walking Dead universe.'"

[Source: Hero Complex]