Encyclopedia Brown To Investigate A Theater Near You


By Josh Wigler

Now that Warner Bros. has run out of stories to tell with the Boy Wizard, they're setting their sights on the Boy Detective.

No, there isn't a "Young Adventures of Bruce Wayne" film series headed our way. Though that would be fantastic. Instead, it's "Encyclopedia Brown" that's looking to get the big-screen treatment.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news, saying that WB is in final negotiations to pick up the movie rights to the children's book series written by Donald J. Sobol. The adaptation would be produced by Roy Lee and Howard David Deutsch.

In case you haven't dusted a copy of "Encyclopedia Brown" off your bookshelf in a while — or, quite possibly depending on your age, at all — the novels focus on Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown, the son of a local police chief, and an amateur detective who uses his parents' garage as his base of operations. Sally Kimball is his friend and business partner, and other pals include Winslow Brant, Benny Breslin, and more. Encyclopedia's chief nemeses are the Tigers, a group of neighborhood bullies run by the mean Bugs Meany.

There have been 28 "Encyclopedia Brown" books in total, beginning publication with "Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective" in 1963, and ending with "Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Soccer Scheme" in 2012, the year that Sobol died. There are hundreds of stories that a live-action movie could adapt, so your guess is as good as ours as to where WB and its selected creative team will start looking.

Here's what we do know: if the "Encyclopedia Brown" movie is even half as good as the HBO series, we're all in for fun times.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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