'Batman/Superman' Writer Greg Pak: They 'Hate Each Other's Guts'


by Josh Wigler

This week sees the release of "Batman/Superman" #1, the first issue of Greg Pak and Jae Lee's upcoming run on two of DC Comics' most iconic characters. The creative team released a whole host of information about their first issue and their plans for Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent's first encounter in a new interview with USA Today.

Pak says the story of "Batman/Superman" #1 begins with Clark as a young reporter venturing to Gotham City to look into the murders of three Wayne Enterprises employees. The investigation puts him on Bruce Wayne's radar, and the two are "shocked by each other's existence."

"They're figuring out what it is they're doing, who they are and what kind of methods they're going to use," says Pak. "They're testing their ethical limits and boundaries, and it's just a huge opportunity for great drama and conflict. That whole package is a blast."

The first story of "Batman/Superman" eventually brings the titular heroes over to Earth 2, where Clark and Bruce meet older, parallel versions of themselves.

"On Earth 2, these heroes are established and they're best friends and they're straight-up heroes who solve all the problems," explains Pak. "And our guys are young and raw and hate each other's guts and are suspicious of everybody."

Beyond "Batman/Superman," Pak is getting a second crack at the Man of Steel as he takes over "Action Comics" with issue 25. Pak says his work on the title will emphasize the titular "action," featuring Superman doing "crazy, huge things."

"At the same time," he adds, "every step of the way in order for me to care and you to care, whatever Superman is going through has to resonate on that emotional level."