The Daily Geek: Jean Grey Gets A Poster, Hoff Gets A Comic, And More


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In this issue: Logan's love, Stinkor still stinks, and David Lynch sings.


Look who appears on the latest poster for "The Wolverine."



Turn your name into a "Breaking Bad" logo with AMC's fun app. Here's mine!



Listen to David Lynch's new Tom Waits-esque single from his upcoming second album.


John Brownlee at Fast Company examines why He-Man's Stinkor still smells after 30 years. I just found mine the other day at my mother's house and it still smells like patchouli goodness as well.

28 years later, an original Stinkor action figure smells every bit as bad as he did in 1985. This, along with his counterpart Moss Man, makes him unique amongst toys: He still reeks after almost 30 years.


Based on these "World War Z" toys, it looks like Bradd Pitt doesn't want to be an action figure. Reminds me of the heartbreak I experienced when I learned that my new "T2" action figure looked nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

world war z toys


David Hasselhoff launched his own comic with Retro Comics. Here's the thing:

Ihoff comic

The Hoff character, co-created by the Hoff and Simon will appear as a time-travelling agent of H.O.F.F. (Heroes Of Fearless Freedom), and will team-up with the Funk Commandos in a history-making special team-up issue… co-written by Simon Williams and David Hasselhoff. Simon is looking forward to meeting the Hoff at the London Film and Comic Con in July: “I literally can’t believe it… I’m a long-time fan of Davids. It’s going to be amazing… I genuinely can’t wait!”

Right on time, Dave.

'Til tomorrow, gang!


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