'FRINGE' Observer Spotted At Appropriately-Named Wine Store


by Josh Wigler

There is more than one of everything. But there is only one truly perfect New York City drinking establishment for the Observers … and Michael Cerveris has found it.

The actor responsible for bringing September — the fedora-wearing, hot sauce-guzzling Observer — to life over five seasons of Fox's now-concluded "FRINGE" tweeted a photo of himself standing outside a Manhattan wine shop over the weekend. If you want to know where to buy the Observer a drink, now you have an answer.

That's September Wines & Spirits, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It's open every single day of the week, and it "specializes in small-production, earth-friendly wines from around the world," according to its website. It also specializes in attracting highly-evolved, fully-suited bald men from the future, apparently.

Just a few quick paces around the block from September is Katz's Deli, a New York institution. All in all, that's about as perfect of a one-block radius for a "FRINGE" event as you can get.