Breaking: Alien And Predator Set Aside Differences, Join Forces To Solve Crime


By Josh wigler

If the acid-bleeding xenomorph and the four-jawed Yautja can set aside their difference, perhaps there's hope for world peace after all.

The Aliens and Predators have been on opposite sides of the battlefield for years and years, slugging it out over countless "Versus" films, games, and comic books of varying degrees of quality. But this past weekend, the pop-culture alien icons cast aside their ancient blood-feud to accomplish a common goal: solving the case of "Who Stabbed the Beer Man?"

Over the weekend, The New York Daily News reported that a stabbing took place between two panhandlers in Times Square, right outside your friendly neighborhood MTV Geek headquarters. According to the report, the "I Need Money for Weed" sign-wielder stabbed his "I Need Beer" rival in the head with a pen; the injuries were reportedly minor.

At the heart of the conflict were two witnesses: the Alien and the Predator, costumed individuals frequently seen lurking about Times Square. The two were pictured being question by police about the altercation, capturing a rare moment of cooperation between the deadly creatures that would surely bring tears to Ripley's eyes — right before she power-loaded them into oblivion, of course.


[Source: Gawker]