'Caffeinated Toothpaste,' Uncubed,' And More: The Top 5 Lesser-Known Webcomics You Missed This Week

The Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week!

We launched this column last week, hitting several well-known webcomic titles. This week, we're pulling in some of the lesser-known webcomickers as well as some saying hello again to some not-quite-forgotton friends!

5. Caffeinated Toothpaste: Reality is broken!

Caffeinated Toothpaste

Josh Bauman has been working on his almost daily diary-strip since early 2010, and he's largely followed a standard three- and four-panel format, showcasing vignettes of his life. Things started getting a little surreal at the emd of May, and on Saturday we discover that someone's punched a hole in reality. It's quite a departure from his regular work, so there's almost no telling where he's going with this. There's no word yet on whether or not Superboy's to blame, but that's definitely something you're going to want to get fixed before too long!

4. Uncubed: Krishna's diary comic returns!


Krishna Sadasivam is probably more well-known for his long-running webcomic about technology issues, PC Weenies, but in 2007 he launched a more person diary style comic called Uncubed. His updates to Uncubed became more sporadic in the second half of 2012, and have been almost entirely absent this year. But he's been doing some work behind the scenes by updating the whole site. He also mentioned that he's begun a workout regimen. Interestingly, neither are actually helped by his daughter "stealing my drawing stylus from me and making me chase her to get it."

3. Moth: Chapter one concludes!


Kat Rush is studying animation right now, and that's brought her webcomic Moth to some people's notice because she's been incorporating animations in her webcomic pages. They're just up to the point of going beyond comics and into cartoons, but not quite there. She's doing a fantastic job of adding animations that improve the storytelling without the story being dependent on them. Plus, it's a really intriguing story! She just wrapped up her first chapter this week, so it's a great time to get caught up before she dives into the next!

2. Please Rewind: The 2004 webcomic returns!

Please RewindIn 2004, Chris M. Cantrell launched a webcomic about the folks who worked in a video store. He stopped the strip in 2010 to pursue other projects, but this week saw the return of the strip with a new focus. He notes on the About page that the VHS format that inspired the comic's name are now barely a forgotten memory, and this new version is going to focus on a smaller cast who will be doing some reflecting on their lives. I'd also be interested to see how they deal with the slow demise of video rental stores in general, in favor of online sources.

 1. Multiple comics: Muffins!

Scenes from a Multiverse

Senator Wendy Davis' filibuster in the Texas state legislature earlier this week was seen as a major victory against anti-abortion legislation. While various media outlets' reporting varied in the specifics of their coverage, CNN was talking about... muffins. A numebr of comics picked up on the theme and utilized it in an assortment of absurd contexts. Having to choose one image to include here, I'm opting for Scenes from a Multiverse since Jonathan Rosenberg went the extra mile to tie the muffins gag to the Supreme Court rulings later in the week. But be warned: muffins–while tasty–can be fattening!